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Read up on our most frequently asked questions

Pricing & Payments Q&A

Is there a minimum order size?

Yes, the minimum order size is 50€. This is either a medium sized Wash & Fold bag or separate items in your Clean & Press garment bag. Basically your cart just has to add up to 50€ (excluding service fee) and you are ready to place your order!

How much does it cost?

Our flat-rate Wash & Fold laundry pricing makes laundry predictable and affordable. We’ve eliminated the hassle and sticker shock of per kilo pricing. Stuff your bags full to the neck. If you can close it, we take it. With that, we have a €35 bag (Medium) & a €60 (Large) bag for wash & fold laundry

Delicates and dry cleaning & launder-press garments are priced per piece between €3-€20. When you fill your Clean and Press bag, make sure you remember what you filled it with, and when placing your order, you just easily tap the items on checkout and the quantity thats in the bag.

See full price list for individual garments

Do you charge extra for special requests?

There are some special requests that we charge extra for. These request have to be specified in your order notes.

Do you offer next-day service?

Although we would always love to deliver your clothes and laundry as quick as possible, sometimes logistics don’t allow. At the moment we don’t have a next day service as standard, but, if you really are in a rush, email or WhatsApp us, and we can always try upon availability. It might cost some euros extra though as you understand.

Do you accept walk in orders?

We do not unfortunately. All ordering is processed online for pickup and delivery service. Got questions? Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp +34 690 849 277 or email [email protected].

Can I actually save money by using Mr Kliin?

YES! Doing your laundry at home is sometimes more expensive in the long run, than using a laundry service. Adding the expenses of water, electricity and detergents, can turn out costly, specially if you are a big family.

One of the biggest electricity consumers in your home is in fact the washing machine.

Lets not talk about time. If there is anything that money cant buy, is time. We know how it can be, long days, work, dinner preparation, house cleaning, grocery shopping and on. And on top of that doing 5 loads of laundry on a Sunday, hang them out, let them dry, fold them. What about self time? At least one thing that you don’t have to worry about with Mr Kliin, is the laundry. You just saved time!

How do I pay?

Credit/Debit Card Online
Payments are done online through your credit/debit card. But you don’t have to always use your credit/debit card to pay, every time you order a pickup you can choose way of payment, which can be cash on delivery as well.

When you order your pickup, you can choose preferred way of payment: cash. This means that, when your driver delivers your bags back to you, you will have to pay cash at the door.

Card on Delivery
You can easily pay us with your credit/debit card at delivery. Our Mr Kliin valet has a wireless card machine. Just choose this way of payment when you place your order.

Note – you only pay and your card is only charged when your clothes and laundry are delivered back to you. We don’t charge you anything upfront or at pickup, only at delivery.

I don't live here, Im just going to use you once?

Just in town as a visitor? You can still sign up and place your order, but specify in the instructions that you will only use us once. The driver will bring special one time bags for you and you can use them. Or send us a WhatsApp!

Pickup and Delivery Q&A

I don't have bags for my first order

We know, you don’t have any bags yet. Dont worry. When you place your first order, just choose what you think you will need when you place your order online.

Large Wash and Fold? Like 5 loads or more of laundry or 2 large IKEA bags…

Medium Wash and Fold? Like 3 loads or more of laundry or 1 large IKEA bag…

Clean & Press garment bag? Delicate items you want dry cleaned or laundered and pressed, like shirts, trousers, jackets, sport wear etc, just add to your cart online on your order…

Our Mr Kliin driver will bring all three bags for you and you can decide which one to use. Or keep them all! If your first order exceeds 50€, you get the bags for free! (any extra bag is subject to a 5€ fee/bag)

What can I expect to happen on my first order?

We get it; this whole pickup and delivery laundry concept is new, but really it is fairly simple. Once you have signed up you can immediately place your first order. On your pickup day a Mr Kliin Valet will arrive on your chosen day and time preference. They’ll bring Mr Kliin bags for Wash & Fold (medium and large) and a Clean & Press garment bag, which will all be tagged with your information. We work with one of our local trusted and professional cleaning partners to expertly clean your items, and your Valet will bring everything back to you on your confirmed delivery date. If your first order exceeds 50€, you get the bags for free! (any extra bag is subject to a 5€ fee/bag)

What are your pickup and delivery time slots?

The best way to find out is to click here

How long does it take after that I place my order until you pickup my bags?

Orders placed on Mondays and Tuesdays, will be picked up on Wednesday pickup day. Orders placed on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be picked up on Friday pickup day. Orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, will be picked up on Monday pickup day.

What happens if Im not home during pickup or delivery?
If you not are going to be home during pick up or delivery, and you consider it safe to leave your bags somewhere available for our driver, please specify in the order instructions. Our driver can leave your clean laundry at your door step if you wish, but only if you consider it being safe. We will always take a photo of the delivered bags and send it to you, if we don’t deliver in person.
Note – Mr Kliin is not responsible for any theft or lost bags if client has requested pickup or delivery at doorstep or other location.
Can I have pickup in one location and delivery in another one?

Yes! If you want to have your clothes delivered to your work or any other address within our service area, specify in the delivery address field and choose, ‘add new’ when ordering your pickup online.

Bags and Treatment Q&A

What bags are available?

What bags are available?

Wash & Fold – Large (5+ loads of laundry- 2 large IKEA bags). Washed, dried and folded
Wash & Fold – Medium (3+ loads of laundry – 1 Large IKEA bag) Washed, dried and folded
Clean & Press – Individual garments, cleaned accordingly, pressed and hanged
Can I put laundry in my Clean & Press Bag?
You can, but bear in mind that these items will be charged separately in that case, and not included in the flat rate pricing of the Wash & Fold service.
Note – Please note that any items that you wish to be dry cleaned, cleaned and pressed or treated as delicate garments (pressed and hanged) should be included in the Clean & Press bag and will be priced individually. While we do our best to catch dry cleaning items that are placed in the Wash & Fold bags, we can’t always catch everything. Mr Kliin is not responsible for delicate or dry cleaning items sent in Wash & Fold bags.
Can I put delicate Dry Clean garments in my Wash & Fold Bag?

Yes, you can. But bear in mind that these items will be treated as everyday laundry, which is washed, dried and folded. You wont pay individual price for these items, as they will be considered as Wash & Fold and are included in the flat rate pricing.

How do the bags work?
With your first order if it exceeds 50€, you will be provided two specific Wash & Fold bags and one specific Clean & Press bag to easily separate your dry cleaning and delicate clothes from your everyday wash and fold clothes.
Please note that any items that you wish to be cleaned pressed and hanged, should be included in the delicate garment bag and will be priced individually.
What goes in the different bags?
Wash & Fold (L and M) – These bags hold your everyday laundry including clothing, towels, sheets, and other common household items that you would run through a personal washer and dryer. Items in these bags are cleaned at 40 degrees celsius and tumble dried.
Clean & Press – In this bag, you place any garments that you think needs special attention. At the laundry, they will treat your item according to its care label, clean it, press/iron it and hang it. The Items in this bag are charged per garment – just like your traditional cleaners. (See full price list)
Can I mix Colors in the Wash & Fold Bags?

Yes, don’t worry. At the laundry they will separate darks and light anyway. But you have to make sure that you at least have 5 or more items or one load of laundry (min 4 kilos) of any color, in the bags. If you only add a very few items of darks or lights, there is a risk that they wont be cleaned at the laundry, as there is no point for the laundry cleaner to run a full machine for your few items.

At what temperature are my clothes washed?

Everything that goes into the Wash & Fold bags are cleaned at 40 degrees celsius + tumble dry. This is specified on the bags also. If we find that majority of items are resistant cotton and fabrics (towels, bed sheets etc) we will wash it at 60 degrees celsius. Normal everyday clothes will be washed at 40 degrees. If you have special request regarding temperatures for your laundry, please specify in the instructions notes, when you place your order.

Who is responsible for items left/damaged in pockets?
As part of our thorough and complete cleaning processes, we check all pockets before any treatment begins. However, pens, lipstick, and gum can be sneaky. They do their best to ruin your day and ours. While we always go above and beyond to prevent damage. And, in the case that garments are damaged from customer oversight of items left in the pockets, we will do our best to fix the damage at no extra charge. However, we are not responsible for any remaining damage due to customer oversight.
So, help us out! Please check your pockets!
What happens if the amount of Clean & Press items in the bag does not correspond with the placed order?

Dont worry, If we catch that there is a discrepancy between the order and the actual items picked up, we will send you a new quotation and payment link or create a new order for you on our site.

Can I get a replacement bag?

Yes! If you need a new laundry bag, one will be provided with your next order for €5. Feel free to specify in your order notes or ask your driver at pickup.

What if I need more bags?
If one bag of each size is not sufficient for you, you can ask for more bags. Just contact us, email or WhatsApp or specify in you next order, or tell the driver. Every additional bag is subject to a 5€ fee/bag. If you have to move from town and cant use our service anymore, take your bag with you.
Everyone needs laundry bags anyway!
What happens if I am not satisfied with the cleaning process or the service?
Although Mr Kliin always will do their best to meet your standards and go beyond, and always guarantee quality and service, we are still humans. If your clothes were not properly cleaned, we will pick up and clean again.
On very rare occasions, if any item is damaged or lost, you can count on that Mr Kliin has a full cover insurance company. Together with the insurance company we will do our best to replace your item(s) or give you credit for your next order.
For full description, please see Terms.

About Mr Kliin Q&A

What can you expect from Mr Kliin?

What can you expect from Mr Kliin?

It’s important to know who is doing your laundry!
While you might not care who is delivering your amazon order, you should care who is doing your laundry. We at Mr Kliin are completely transparent with our customers. We use professional partners that have been in the laundry business for decades. Trust us, we tried our partners like 30 times to ensure that quality and service is consistent! Our drivers and delivery valets, will always do their best to be on time and make it as hassle free as possible for you. Because if laundry service is not hassle free, you might as well do it yourself, we get it.
We are reachable on WhatsApp Mon-Sun 9:00-21:00. Any doubts, concerns, change of mind, questions, just send us a message! +34 690 849 277
How do most people use Mr Kliin?
Most people use us once a week or once every second week.
Sometimes, when they get delivery, they take opportunity to leave the dirty laundry with the driver.
Small commercials and health centres, use us frequently with every week pick up orders for their staff uniforms.
Some of our residential clients, have even organised weekly pickup, same day and time every week.
Most people use us for their day to day clothes and laundry. Expensive clothes and items, or garments with complicated fabrics, is always recommended to take to your local laundry and explain your needs in person.
An advice we give is to use the Large Wash & Fold Bag for large volume items such as towels, bed sheets and tablecloths. And the Medium bag for clothes.
Is Mr Kliin reliable?

Mr Kliin is reliable and easy to use. Control everything from your phone, place your orders and review your order history. We can assure that we always are on time and your pickup and your delivery is when you have chosen it to be. We can ensure you that your clothes and laundry gets the best care as possible. We will go far and beyond to meet your expectations and to make laundry day as simple as possible for you.

How do I contact you?
You can reach us via email ([email protected]), or via our online contact form, or through Whatsapp +34 690 849 277. Our customer support hours are Monday-Sunday 9:00-21.00
You can place your orders 24/7 online or through WhatsApp. Our phone number is only for WhatsApp use only.
Do you have an office?

Unfortunately not for customer support. All inquiries and orders have to be made online or through WhatsApp.

Do you still have a question?

Cant find the answer to your question? Not to worry, send us a message or whatsapp, and we get back to you as soon as possible

Not into emails? Send us a Whatsapp message anytime or check our FAQ, maybe your question has already been answered!